Our company

The company originated in 2007. At the beginning we were engaged in making power systems in public utility buildings as well as designing automation systems for welding machines. Gradually, our business profile evolved changing its character of activity from service activities to production/ service activites. Despite having a relatively small structure of company we are able to make bigger projects due to teh fact of being the integrator of the systems uniting verified and reliable contractors. The present profile of the company includes:

  • designing and implementing industrial automation systems
  • designing and implementing power systems for machines and devices
  • designing and implementing power systems for public utility buildings as well as individual households
  • designing and implementing industrial pneumatics systems
  • designing and implementing mechanical components of machines and devices
  • 3D modelling
  • designing and costructing complete machines and devices
  • building and modernizing welding machines:
    • multi point spot welder:
      • wire netting welder
      • welding stations
    • dedicated welding machines:
      • handling advanced instrumentation
      • with quality control sytems

Despite specializing in welding machines we are able to make any machine or assembly line. We are looking forward to doing business with you.